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Banquet from June to July Domestic pork loin soy milk Shabu-shabu 4000 yen 9 cuisine dishes all-you-can-drink 2 hours

Banquet from June to July Domestic pork loin soy milk Shabu-shabu 4000 yen 9 cuisine dishes all-you-can-drink 2 hours

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  • 230persons
All-you-can-drink available

120 minutes drinking-all-time last order 30 minutes before 2 hours system

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00

All - you - can - drink beer is Ebisu barrel student.Sake sake and Ichinoshiba and Hi Takami.We offer satisfaction of 1 rank.Because it's all-you-can-drink for 2 hours, it's the perfect course for banquets on the way back from the company.

Course menu

We will correspond in a private room until a small group ~ group.Group seats for up to 30 people are also available.Banquet cuisine is also popular with customers.We are satisfied with both quantity and quality!

Ideal for use at various banquets such as welcome party!

Domestic pork loin soymilk shabu-shabu

■ crab sauce egg custard

■ seafood gratin

■ Served with bonito spicy dishes and sashimi Bukkake grated ponzu

■ Soft furry Calvin charcoal grill

■ Tamari pickled Chinese yam

■ Fluffy shrimp true height fried

■ Ramen noodles in a pot

■ season of desserts

Please acknowledge that there may be some changes in course content.

◎ option is also there.◆ You can change the season's making with 500 yen per person · · · You can change to fresh fish big catch sashimi platter which was collected in nearby Sendai.It is ideal for making a place of banquets glamorous.♦ + 500 yen can be changed to the finest shabu-shabu of beef tongue

◆ + 300 yen for all you can drink 30 minutes extension.1 hour extension at +500 yen.The maximum extension time ※ is ordered and up to one hour.※ there may not be accepted by the booking situation.◆ + the contents of the all-you-can-drink for 500 yen jewels can grade up.Beer is Ebisu barrel raw, Japanese sake is Takami Takami, Asago's pine etc. Shochu is Mitake, Ocean, Whale · · · Fruit wine and high ball are also abundant.For those who are committed to drinking, I highly recommend this place.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Draft beer (Ebisu)
- White peach wholesale sour / pear wholesale sour / natsudaidai Sour / Shikuwasa Sour / Ramunesawa / lemon sour / lime Sour / freshly squeezed orange / freshly squeezed grapefruit
- Whiskey highball
· Suntory angle, corner high ball, cork high ball, ginger high ball
· Sake, plum wine
· Shuzen <Noguchi (Miyagi)> · Cold chick <Tamari Takami (Miyagi)> / plum wine (sour · rock)
South Korea shochu Kagamitsuki / wheat Yokaichi / potato angel of the ladder (oolong split, whiskey and water, hot water allocation, raw lemon, plum, ice)
·house wine
, Red, and white
· Sum whiskey
· Suntory angle (water split · rock · soda split)
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea / green tea / cola / ginger ale / orange juice / grapefruit juice
· Gin tonic / Jimbac / Moscow com / screw driver / cassis orange / calu milk / cassis milk / peach milk etc.

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