December banquet 【domestic beef tenderpot】 all you can drink 2 hours + 9 dishes 4000 yen

December banquet 【domestic beef tenderpot】 all you can drink 2 hours + 9 dishes 4000 yen
4000 yen

All - you - can - drink beer is Ebisu barrel student.Sake is Ichinose or Mt. Hakkai.We offer satisfaction of 1 rank.Because it's all-you-can-drink for 2 hours, it's the perfect course for banquets on the way back from the company.One pair is one kind of selection.When booking the net please fill in the type of pot in the remarks column.


Banquet courses with plenty of seasonal taste are popular.

Please use it in the smell of charcoal and calming private room for company banquets, talk with fellows, girls' association, welcome reception party etc.

We will correspond in a private room until a small group ~ group.Group seats for up to 30 people are also available.■ pot with domestic cattle

■ crab sauce egg custard

■ Beef tongue stew

■ Served with bonito spices

■ Soft middle dish and grilled fried beef

■ Tamari pickled Chinese yam

■ Fluffy shrimp true height fried

■ Ramen noodles in a pot

■ season of desserts

◎ option is also there.

◆ You can change the season's making with 500 yen per person · · · You can change to fresh fish big catch sashimi platter which was collected in nearby Sendai.

It is ideal for making a place of banquets glamorous.

◆ It is possible to change to "rice tongue shabu-shabu" which is rare even in Sendai at + 500 yen.

Shabu shabu with Japanese soup stock.The meal of the decease changed to rice cooking.

◆ + 300 yen for all you can drink 30 minutes extension.

1 hour extension at +500 yen.

The maximum extension time ※ is ordered and up to one hour.

※ there may not be accepted by the booking situation.

◆ + the contents of the all-you-can-drink for 500 yen jewels can grade up.

Beer is Ebisu barrel raw, Japanese sake is Takami Nigami, Atago's pine ... Shochu is a bright rural district, Mt. Sanji, Whale ... fruit wine, high balls are also abundant.

For those who are committed to drinking, I highly recommend this place. .

Coupon that can be used

  • Pot of choice Nabari Nabe or Hot pot cooked 9 items 2 hours with unlimited drinks 4000 yen course

    • Presentation conditions
      Reservation at time of reservation /
    • Conditions of use

      2 people or more / reservations required

    • Expiration date
      30 September 2017 - 30 December 2017